How To Do Emo Make Up For Girls

how to do emo make up for girls

    make up
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136. Open a daycare

136. Open a daycare

Woke up a little later than had planned, Ryan went off to work. It was weird being up before Monster. Chuck and his son came over and got us our new and working dishwasher (YES!!), it was funny cause we arent actually spose to have pets but Chuck was playing with Puppy lol. I sure am gonna miss Puppy. Just hung out a while.
Went to the store to pick up veggies and then made lunch for Shy and I. I made fried potatoes with eggs, mushrooms, green onions, and green pepper. It was good, Shy liked it too. I wanted to see if Monster would eat a ketchup sandwhich (got the idea from Skye Bird), he loved it but the nasty thing was Kiara wanted a ketchup and mustard sandwhich.. eww...
Decided to take Monster to the park, I want to seperate him and Kiara cause there are a lot of jealousy issues so I want Kiara to see that Yeah I can take Monster to the park one day and she will get her chance to go. And they need one on one attention, they are such little kids and dont need to be stuck together all the time. Its too hard to listen to them like that cause then its just a constant competion. Anywho the park was so much fun :) I love that boy so very much. Rachael cut his hair, he looks cute but I miss his curls lol. We ran around and swang and went down the slides and bounced and spun. The highlight for me was we took him over to the skate park to see the guys skating. He sat silently for a good 15 minutes just watching them, completely interested. I got him saying skateboard and when one of them fell hed go Oh no fall down and when they did a trick hed to Woo. It was great. Im getting him a skateboard for xmas. Even after we had left the skate park and went over to the playground he was still talking about skateboard :) Hes so cool!
Got back and realized that I have to go shopping for something to wear to my brothers wedding which is this Thursday. Wow. THIS THURSDAY! He made me just about cry today with a sweet brotherly text lol Im such a sap! Its gonna be an interesting week for sure.
Watching Raw right now. Its so cheesey but its making me miss Jor! I wanna go to Oregon lol I miss them!!
Doing some Teachers Aid homework, working on How Children Learn right now. Staying the night at Ryans. Im there a lot, but Im not complaining lol.

Theres way too much on my mind right now and really none of it is good at all... Theres something thats been bugging me the last couple days, but Ill shake it off. Cannot wait for Sir Waffle to come back cause I could really use a late night walk and a good talk and shes the only one I trust enough to do that with. Its wild that the wedding is this Thursday... I still cant wrap my head around it. My mom is gonna be here in a couple days.. Im curious to how thats gonna go since Im not going back to Iowa with her. (sorry again everyone, I know I disappointed a hand full of people that mean a whole heck of a lot to me and I really am sorry.) Im not gonna get to save as much as I wanted to this month, lending mom that 300 really set me back. I need an outfit for the wedding, thats a dress, shoes, and a jacket. I need 2 memory cards and a photo disk. And I still need to put some more money down on my ps3, I want it soon! I want to game! I want to get New Vegas, yes I know Iv given Fallout A LOT of shit but whatever lol I wanna play it now that Im done with Oblivion, but Oblivion is still better in everyway :D (but I never did finish the story line... I need that game too). So yeah. Needless to say Iv been down today.. Quite down. My heart is heavy, Iv cried, and Iv been pretty quiet all day... Sorry to sound so emo but Im allowed to not smile sometimes right? If there werent downs u couldnt properly appreciate the ups...

I want to dye my hair. Maybe it is just cause Im feeling so down but the addiction has risen. I want to dye it my natural color, so like a light to medium brown. I probably wont cause I dont want to fry my hair but its really bugging me right now and Im very tempted to walk down to the store and buy a couple boxes!! Somebody help me out here, what should I do? Dye it? Dont dye it? What?!?!

The sticky note. As everyone who knows me knows I love kids. Kids are my world. The kids I take care of are my life. Id do anything for them. I love them dearly and the thought of me not being able to be there for them breaks my heart. Iv always taken care of kids and I really enjoy it. I like teaching kids, talking to kids, listening to kids, playing with kids, taking care of kids, being there for kids. If theres one thing I want to do with my life its be a mom. I hate having to say goodbye to the kids I care for and grow to love but it makes me feel good to know that I helped at some point in time, that I helped that child grow at some point in time, and thats enough for me. I want to open my own daycare. I took child daycare mngmnt in school so I have quite a bit of information on how to open my own daycare, yeah itd be hard but I can see myself being happy in that business. I wou

38. Drink a gallon of Sunny D in one sitting

38. Drink a gallon of Sunny D in one sitting

I always have a hard time remember the first part of my days.. lol Hmm lets start from top and Ill figure it out as I go along :)

Soo I woke up at 4. I didnt even wanna wake up when I did but I had to, cause it was 4 lol. So yeah, got up and did something... whatever it was it didnt make it into my memory... probably just tv or computer lol. Anyway. Then what happened... I cleaned Puppys cage. Last night he had a spaz moment and got bedding all over the floor. So I stuck him in his ball and took the cage outside so I could spray it down. When I went out there I saw my friends Jesse n Toby walkin by so I hollered at them and we talked a minute. I wasnt wearing shoes and the driveway was burning my feet lol but they invited me to go chill with them at the high school when I was done.

I met up with them and we just chilled for a while. They both skate. I walk. But Jesse gave me a short lesson lol it was funny! I couldnt even stand on it without almost falling but he stood next to me to balance me, but I skated a little lol it was kinda awesome :D Once I was done giving them a good laugh I watched them skate for a while. I like skaters :) They have a language all their own lol and Iv never been so focused on someones feet before but I was very entertained for a very long time while they did nollie fakey whatevers lol. I grew up watching my brother and his friends skateboard so I have a special place in my heart for them and plus that board brings ur hotness level up like 60 points lol. Jesse ended up grabbing a wheeley chair from a garbage pile and played with that for a while lol.

Anywho. Toby bailed to go home and eat, like foods important or something! So Jesse and I laid on the cement, with ur feet on the stairs and talked about random crap. Like how nice the weather was, it was like low 90s im guessing with a nice breeze :) and about freshman year. Jesses the reason I failed health, and photo journalism lol. Health was spent talking about video games and listening to System of a Down and Photoj was spent chillin in the dark room talking about his relationships lol. I think Im gonna shoot him skatin tomorrow, pretty stoked about that.

Got back to the house and did dishes. I had Puppy in his ball while I was out in the kitchen, he slept lol. So I let him walk out of his ball and he just climbed right into his cage and then ran around in there. Dork lol. I finished off my Fruit Loops and cut the ends off and gave him the box. He LOVES it! He tripped out lol it was great. He ran and jumped and chewed it and ran thru it and over it and went on like that for like 20 minutes XD It was fantastic lol. I got a video of a bit of it lol.

Lets move on to the sticky note, Iv written too much about my very boring day lol.
I was IMing my friend Meggy Sue, we were talking about how boys suck lol, but I had her pick my sticky note. She picked it cause it reminded her of Juno lol. Im laying on the couch in the not living room but the room before the living room/still attached to the living room lol its by the door. Im wearing my Rage Against the Machine tshirt :)

This picture makes me look emo.. Im not.. Just down n out. Id do just about anything for a hug :/ but Iv said enough tonight.
Good night (its 4:35 btw)

how to do emo make up for girls

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