Professional makeup brush belt : Dead sea cosmetic.

Professional Makeup Brush Belt

professional makeup brush belt

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professional makeup brush belt - EF |

EF | STUDIO Professional Brush Belt (brushes sold separately)

EF | STUDIO Professional Brush Belt (brushes sold separately)

SMART IS SEXY. Our EF | STUDIO Professional Brush Belt was developed using our industry-embraced EF | STUDIO® Integral Design philosophy, intended to make all products in the range work intuitively and dynamically together. Thus, maximizing efficiency and freeing up more room for creativity. Working smarter in this way is indeed sexy. This ingeniously-designed, premium-grade nylon-webbed brush belt contains over 25, various-sized pockets to hold virtually every makeup brush, tool, component or implement needed for the well-seasoned or aspiring makeup artist. Larger, custom-fitted pockets hold several of our Eye, Lip and Cheek Color Palettes for working even smarter on set. Integrated within the brush belt is an adjustable nylon-webbed belt as well as wide-width loops that give you the option of wearing your own belt - so you can maintain your unique sense of style. Unlike most other brush belts, a closing flap covers brush heads, keeping your investment secure and ready for safe transport but out of the way when you’re working. The entire Professional Brush Belt folds easily in half (even when stuffed to capacity) and is held securely closed by two sturdy tie-down cords. Even the details are smart. Your Professional Brush Belt is delivered to you in our signature nylon dust bag to keep it clean and looking great. Brushes and tools sold separately.

80% (15)

Brushes Lucy

Brushes Lucy

Brushes Portrait of Italian Greyhound Lucy, 2009



Artistik Cosmetics professional 78 Palette

professional makeup brush belt

professional makeup brush belt

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men's Brown Out 1-1/2" Leather Reversible Belt, Brown/Black, 34

For over twenty years the name Kenneth Cole has stood for style, quality and innovative design. We are proud to offer the REACTION line of KENNETH COLE accessories. Key Features: The oil tanned reversible belt is the perfect compliment to dress or casual attire. 1-1/2 inches wide belt features a swivel satin nickel buckle. Belt reverses from brown with contrast stitching to black. Available sizes include: 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 Available color: Brown/Black Belt measures 1-1/2 inches wide, treated with oil which enhances the grain for style and durability. Belt reverses from brown with contrast stitching to black with black stitching. It's the perfect complement to dress or casual attire. Features a swivel satin nickel buckle finishes off the design. For a larger view of this item, please click on the pictures. Available in Brown/Black Available sizes include: 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42

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